2 Different Hairstyles for Long Hair

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We are usually got bored with something which has long durability. That is the human nature. An easy example for women is long hair. Having a long hair will make some people bored because of some treatments which have to do in order to maintain it from losing hair. Other people also hate this long hair because the hairstyles is too mainstream such as shaggy, layered hairstyle, ponytail and many more. It looks like they need something different hairstyles for long hair. However, you do not worry about it because long hair has a benefit that it could be cut with many different hairstyles. There are some different hairstyles for long hair.

Soft Waves


This is become the first different hairstyle for long hair because many women has missed this simple hairstyle. Soft waves suit with summer days to make you feel the heat of summer. You just add some loose waves at the ends of your hair. Firstly, you need to spray your hair with texturing sea salt. Then, let your hair to air dry and creating a side part for large barrel curling iron. At last, finish this style with flexible hold hairspray. This hairstyle is available with all face shapes.

Long Bangs

Have you ever try to keep your bangs grew? Actually you have not, right? Many women usually cut their bangs in order to protect their eyes from bangs. This hairstyle will change your look by adding long bangs on your face. First step is that you need to prep your hair with dry lotion. Then, try to dry your bang area by using flat paddle brush and push them from side to side. After that, take large round brush and blow dry your hair. At last, release them and finish it with hairspray. This hairstyle make you bangs look more longer than before.


7 Photos of the 2 Different Hairstyles for Long Hair