All-Time Favorite Black Short Hairstyles

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Short hairstyles are easy to care and prepare as you do not have to spend most for treatment supplies and just comb your hair with fingers and you are ready to go. You will find these on the go black short hairstyles below that are some of the most very popular although they are traditional short hairstyles. These hairstyles are perfect for those who have black hair especially for the African Americans women who adore their original hair.

Pixie Cuts


Those who have very short tresses or the hair with length that fall just above the ear will love one of these black short hairstyles. This signature trim can also be worn by women with either medium to short hair length. Pixie cut features the longest hair at the crown but remain short in all sides and rear.

Short Bobs Cuts

These classic black short hairstyles would never disappoint its wearer either wearing a mushroom shaped sculpted bob or uneven asymmetrical short bob. These hairstyles can suit for any daily life, job atmosphere, or special event. Women with well-shaped faces will suit well wearing most Bobs. With the option of a side fringe or straight bangs, you can wear Bobs with either center or side part. Prepare the cuts by starting with clean hair, and use oil shine for shining finish look. Hair grease will prevent from its preferred movement as it weighs the hair down so avoid this product.


Spiked Pixie Cuts

Spiked pixie will create sharp spikes within the hair allowing the illusion of a captivating stare. You will find this cut is very similar to creating flips without the ends being bent as they remain pointed. You can create these black short hairstyles with your clean hair and finish with hairspray and oil gloss to hold and luster the hair in position.

8 Photos of the All-Time Favorite Black Short Hairstyles