Best Celebrity Black Weave Hairstyles

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If you’re looking for an energizing change from current hairstyles, Weave hairstyles are a great option as they are low maintenance, versatile, and fashionable. Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, and Keri Hilson are some popular black female celebrities with fabulous hairstyles that you can be inspired from. You will find the perfect black weave hairstyles whether you’re looking for a sleek, long hairstyle, a romantic curly weave or an edgy bob and trendy. Try these beautiful, fashionable new weave to update your existing hairstyle inspired from celebrity hairstyles

Tia Mowry

Best Celebrity Black Weave Hairstyles

With wavy locks, long bangs, actress Tia Mowry looks lovely. For narrow face shapes, these long waves black weave hairstyles with bangs conceal a high forehead making it modern, versatile and flattering. Add a few soft highlights to your weave inspired from Tia and obtain a modern and trendy look. Choose thin highlights that won’t overpower the locks and pick a shade match with your hair color. For a wonderfully dreamy touch, wear straight hair with a subtle wave and fit your face shape by trimming your bangs.

Thandie Newton

With hair in regular, bouncy natural curls black weave hairstyles, Thandie Newton, English actress looks very beautiful. Choose a flattering hue that will match your skin tone like solid colors. Pick for a neutral hair color with a curly weave for a passionate, soft look. For a mealtime with the girls, first date, or an outdoor marriage ceremony, natural curls work best. Keep your curls smooth and sleek with an anti-frizz spray and achieve romantic touch by simply wear them loose.

Best Celebrity Black Weave Hairstyles

Zoe Saldana

With a light berry-hued lipstick and her mid-length mocha brown layers of hair Zoe Saldana, an American actress, looks gorgeous in mid-length layers black weave hairstyles. Layers give extra body and volume to fine hair and will flatter any face shapes. Concentrate on layers as they can add width at cheek level for those with a long face shape. Round faces should avoid shorter layers as they can cause even rounder look. For a smooth and chic shape, create your shortest layer below chin level.


4 Photos of the Best Celebrity Black Weave Hairstyles

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