Celebrities with the Best of Short Haircuts with Bangs

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Who says that you cannot match the short hair and bangs? These celebrities have proved you wrong as they look very stunning and fresh with the hair cut short and bangs to accessorize the face. Do you know Michele Williams? Michele’s short and blond hair makes her look so much younger than she actually is. She has cut her hair short and also the long bang that looks seamlessly hanging in the front part of the head. If we are talking about short hair, i do not thing that it would be complete if we do not talk about Rihanna. She almost always cut her hair short with different pixies. Moreover, she adds the extra bright colors to the hair that it is almost impossible to miss her even from far away. Among the bright colors she loved is red. She had shorter strands of hair on the sides and the extra long bang. This makes her look even more modern. The next girl with short hair is none other than Emma Watson. She was famous because of the Harry Potter Series where she played Hermione Granger. In the movie, she always wore her hair curly and long but after the series ended, she suddenly chopped of her hair. The new haircuts make her look more grown up and beautiful. Her short bangs looks like the frame of her pretty face. And then of course we have the beautiful Anne Hathaway. She never looked as pretty as she was when she had long hair. Her brunette hair is shopped off so short but she has her long side bangs on the side. Her secret to keep the bangs in place is regular blow dry. During the blow dry session, use a round brush and concentrated nozzle. Use both to sweep the hair to the sides.


10 Photos of the Celebrities with the Best of Short Haircuts with Bangs