Cool Hairstyle for Men 2016

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Not only women are interested about hairstyle but also the men are. Their performance is really supported with the hairstyle to make them look so cool and gentle. But, there are many of them get trouble to maintain their hair or even difficult to find the suitable hairstyle to hang out with friends or attend the party. They need brilliant ideas then in order that they can be confident. The stylist will also help you to consider the style you can apply for hair.

In 2016, the stylists have created so many gorgeous and fabulous hairstyles special for men. We just browse the styles which are available for us to select which the coolest hairstyle from simple up to glamorous style. But, the first thing should we know that the length of hair determine our hairstyle. We deserve to get the best hairstyle whatever our hair length.


Short hair should be made simple but cool hairstyle such swept up the half of hair. We can make it such Mohawks with short style. Another style is making sides and back in cut short. It is completed with extra close above our ear and sideburns. It gives us a clean cut finish. If it is medium length, we can make it swept away to the right to left side with a half shaved hair. We should not cut our hair to get cool look in medium length.

Another case is long hair that allows us to express our inspiration through loosing it all with little curls hair. It is very rare that men have curls hairstyle. However, Asian styles can inspire us to get cool and gentle look in long hair. Besides, we can make it little unique by combining short and long hair. We can have short up hair and long hair on the lower.


6 Photos of the Cool Hairstyle for Men 2016