Elegant Homecoming Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Homecoming should be unforgettable experience for every student of senior high school. Although this event is not bigger as same as prom night which the participants should wear dress and casual clothes, every girl have to be looked elegant and beautiful on the homecoming dance party. The hairstyles are also important thing to do instead of dresses. It will make up your confidence while meeting your friends, especially for long hair. Long hair is a magnitude for some people’s eyes. It makes girls more feminine, elegant and charismatic. Thus, homecoming hairstyles for long hair should make your day perfectly. We have some homecoming hairstyles for long hair below and you can be inspired by this article hopefully.
Vintage Hairstyle
The first homecoming hairstyle for long hair is vintage classic hairstyle. With your long hair, you are able to create this hairstyle easily. It is suitable with formal event like homecoming. First step is that you should curl your hair more than one section of course such as two or three sections by using large barrel iron. Then, you should create flowing waves. You can use a soft bristle paddle comb to smooth your curls. After that, gather them all to one side and tie them tightly with band. At last, pick a piece underside of your ponytail and wrap them with elastic band. This is a classic nature of side ponytail which makes your classy in homecoming event.
Boho Braid Up-Do
This hairstyle is also vintage hairstyle because use classic up-do plus bohemian twist. Firstly, you should make on side of French braid on your hair and secure then end with pins to make it tight and safe. Then, comb your tresses and stick them up out of your braid into smooth ponytail. After that, curl your pony into ringlets and twist it become spirals. Remember, pinning is the most important thing here. Let hairspray to strengthen them.


7 Photos of the Elegant Homecoming Hairstyles For Long Hair