Glamour Shaved Hairstyles For Women

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A few years back, shaved hairstyle was only made for boys and boys only. But nowadays there is a lot of girls who choose to have this type of hairstyle. Some people probably still being pessimistic about this hairstyle being used by women. They thought that it still considered as disgusting and inappropriate for girls. But did you know that Shaved Hairstyles For Women can appear glamourous? And even sexy? Today we are already lining up some ideas on how to make Shaved Hairstyles For Women appear more glamorous.

Shaved Hairstyles For Women usually comes with the super short haircut, just like pixie haircut. But for this hairstyle normally you’ll need to shave one side of your hair. The girls usually also owns side swept bangs and keep them even longer than usual, sometimes it even almost covering one of their eyes. To make your hair appear glamourous first you can dye your hair, any kinds of colors will do. But try to dye them with brighter colors like platinum white and add several highlights like blue. But if you want something more natural than using mahogany brown or chestnut brown is a great choice. Adding some curls of your hair also a great idea to add some texture and dimensions to your hair. Beside, curls always work great for formal events.


Lately some girls even let their hair grow long and shaved one of thesides of their hair. Some celebrities like Natalie Dormer or best known as Margery Tyrel also use this kind of hairstyle for one of the Game of Throne red carpet. She keeps her hair long and shaved one of the sides of your hair, she even being brave by showing the shaved parts of her hair. This hairstyle is perfect for formal events and if you are confident enough you can use it for simply hanging out.

5 Photos of the Glamour Shaved Hairstyles For Women