Popular Hairstyles For Women 2016

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Hairstyle trends it seems to be evolving and evolving throughout the years. They will also keep rotating until we come back to the old hairstyle. Just like fashions, it’s like a rotating wheel, it will never die if not, it juts coming back to how they usually are. Talking about the hairstyle trends, what is 2016 hairstyle trends lately? 2016 is almost over, so that is why today we will talk about some hairstyle that has been a huge trend during 2016, so what are these Popular Hairstyles For Women in 2016?

Braid seems to be one of the Popular Hairstyles For Women this year, especially among teenagers. Yes, braided hair is actually an oldies but goodies hairstyle, but in 2016 there seem to be a lot of variations appear for this braid hairstyle. Some people even call it Viking braid hairstyle, because, of course Viking woman loves to braid their hair. These braid hairstyle is completely different than any other regular braid hairstyle, it; is also considered as a difficult and quite tricky hairstyle. There are the waterfall type braid hairstyle or flat braid hair style and many more. But despite its difficulty this hairstyle is very popular among teenagers, why? Because braided hairstyle is suited for any teenagers’ activities, either it’s sports or simply hanging out. There are also a lot of braid variations that suited perfectly for formal events like prom.


Besides braid hair, another Popular Hairstyles For Women in 2016 is ombre hairstyle. Well this hairstyle is not actually a hair cut, but mostly refer to hair dye. It means that you dye the lower parts of your hair in brighter color or the other way around. This hairstyle is popular because you can give dimension to your hair, while trying another color for your hair but still keeping it natural.



8 Photos of the Popular Hairstyles For Women 2016

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