Seriously Cute Ideas of Wavy Hairstyle for Men

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Are you the men with curly and wavy hair but you are notknow how to style your hair? Some of these men even feel like Harry Potter as their hair become too difficult to handle thus they simply ignore them. This is the time to change because wavy and curly hair can also be transformed into amazing haircuts.

The first haircut is the one with natural and neat look. The curls can look so loose but they are cut closer on the sides than on the top, to the area of the head. The natural texture of the hair is left so that the hair will look like naturally random and relax. This hair type is great for the men with pear, round and oval face shapes. A good tip for the haircut is not to rub the hair with towel in the effort of drying the hair. This will cause frictions that end up with lot of frizz.


The second haircut idea is the curly shag. This haircut is long. The natural curls can be seen but some of them are cut in long lures so that the haircut creates certain balance to the head. The haircut is good for the men of square, pear and oval shaped faces. This haircut will need the products that are dedicated for curly hairs so that the curls can be tamed easily as these products tend to add the moisture and reduce the frizz.

The third idea would be the bed head bad boy. This haircut seem like those naturally long curls, while in fact these curls are already tamed and cut in certain angle that make the men look wild buy gorgeous at the same time. There are additional layers to the body and also the look of triangular curls. The square, oval and pear face shapes will make the haircut look stronger.


7 Photos of the Seriously Cute Ideas of Wavy Hairstyle for Men