Simple But Sweet Black Girl Hairstyles

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Parents will love these black girl hairstyles as they are cute and adorable and will suit your little one’s natural hair. Make sure to spare some times to create these styles in easy and simple way. They do not require you to use hair products so your little princess is free from hazardous chemical products.

Gentle Ponytails


You can keep black girl hairstyles gentle by using small elastics nonmetal parts. Create the simple double ponytail style but do not use plastic barrettes to secure the ends. Choose more small elastics intended for little girls’ hair instead. Their hair is soft and smooth so you do not want to damage her hair. Exercise patience to avoid dragging out hair when removing any elastics or scrunches from your child’s hair.

Afro Puffs

Afro puffs are an easy young children style for infants and toddlers which can be made in minutes. Make sure to hold puffs in place using metal-free elastics. Avoid hair problems like traction alopecia by not pulling hair tightly. When it comes to girls’ hair, you have to be absolutely careful. These black girl hairstyles can be done by just about anyone as this is a simple way out.


Braided Buns

You do not need to repeat the same black girl hairstyles everyday as there are numerous options in girls’ hairstyles. When deciding hairstyles for young girls, choose simpler hairstyles that take a little more time so style doesn’t need to be timewasting. But remember you will get last longer hairdos if a style takes longer to do. These adorable braided buns are simple and take less time to make.  Start by parting down the middle of a cornrowed base and twist cute buns from remaining lengths. To achieve this look, your child’s hair doesn’t need to be very long so you don’t need to attach extensions at her young ages.


9 Photos of the Simple But Sweet Black Girl Hairstyles