The Long Hairstyles with Layers

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Long hair should be stunning many people, especially for men’s eyes. You look feminine, beautiful and elegant. But, what if you are boring with this long hair? Of course there are a lot of ways you can do with your hair. One of the ways is cut it with some hairstyles. There are also many hairstyles which you should consider. Today we will talk about long hairstyles with layers. Layers are a haircut style which has arranged way to become stack able hair. This style can be a good decision for a long hair user who does not want get losing length of her hair because layered hairstyles could add some extra volume for thin hair which usually belongs to long hair. There are some long hairstyles with layers that you can imitate or adapt.

Long Layers Hairstyle


This is the first long hairstyle with layers. Long layers were adjusted only around your face to show off the face’s shapes. This can be a natural hair because the growths are same with normal hair without any hairstyles. Your face looks tapering than before and you will be happy with it. To do this, you should use 1.5 inch curling iron to curl your hair firstly. Then, separate and loosen them by using your finger. At last, use light level of hairspray for finishing touch.

Short Layers Hairstyle

The last of long hairstyles with layers is short layers. This hair style is the opposite of long layers hairstyle. You cut your hair around your face and layers them down shorter than your back hair. Short layers usually needed by someone who wants to give extra volume of her hair. You also get curls at the ends of layers hair in order to make them adapts your face’s shape. The step is as same as long layers hairstyles.


7 Photos of the The Long Hairstyles with Layers