Tips of Hairstyle for Long Hair

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A woman who has long hair seems feminine and sexy. However, if hair has a same model or style for a long time will be looked boring. Therefore, if you want look different with long hair, you should change them periodically. Here are some tips of hairstyle for long hair.



The first hairstyle for long hair is curly. Curly hair by Taylor Swift always makes your appearance sexier than before. To get Taylor Swift’s curly hair you could use curling iron. Do not forget, to use hairspray when you are finishing with curling iron in order to make it durable.

Ponytail with Curl

For formal situation, you can use this hairstyle for long hair. It is very simple if you usually curl your hair. With long hair you able to make a ponytail with curl at the ends. This is making up your usual look to become sporty and elegant look. You can use the curly step above if you never did it.



The third hairstyle is sleek model. This model can be applied by straightening your hair in saloon or hair stylist.


You can copy Lauren Conrad’s hairstyle as same as the first hairstyle above. However, the difference is from the curling barrel. You should choose the large barrel to make wavy hairstyle. First step is that you should roll your hair start from below of ears. Then, you do not waste your time with the curly iron in order to avoid over curly. At last, you can braid one of the ponies for better look of your face shape.

Updo or Break off

Your appearance becomes sexy and fresh with updo hairstyle. To do this, you just ponytail your hair as high as you can and then make circles from it. Pin them into sections or you can use bandana to strengthen their position.


10 Photos of the Tips of Hairstyle for Long Hair