Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Brides who Do Not Wear Veils

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In the older time, brides were always covered in veil when they walk down the aisle. The veils were only uncovered during the kisses after the “I do” pledges. However, in this modern era, veils are no longer a must. The brides can now choose their preferences of with or without veils. However, if they choose, without veils, they need to think of the wedding hairdos that can complement their overall look.

Long hairs will become an advantage for the brides. They can have more variations than those brides with short hairs. A great advice would be to create the singular hairdo. This hairdo is both easy and elegant. The singular hairdo is perfect for ladies of different hair types. They may have curly, wavy and even straight hair and there are no drags for the singular hairdos. Moreover, the singular hairdos can also be compared with any of the marriage gowns and they still look amazing.


One of the most popular traditional wedding hairstyles for the long hairs is the lovely assembly of strands of hair from the highest part of the top. The hair is then bound to create the elegant look that resembles the crown. It can also be bound into different enticing accessories, depending on the brides; preferences. Although many dresses will be great when paired with the hairdo, however those dresses with revealing neck would be the perfect pair. The hairdo will make the brides in the unsupported wedding gowns and those with v neck wedding gowns look like princesses from the fairy tales.

To decide on which hairdo to choose, the bride should seek out information of the latest wedding hairstyles and then choose some of the selected few. Afterwards, the brides should try the hairstyles to see which one suits them the most. But of course, they need to find the hairdressers to help them in the trial.

beautiful  woman with stylish curly  hairstyle

8 Photos of the Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Brides who Do Not Wear Veils

Wedding-Hairstyles-Long-Hair-BridesWedding-Hairstyles-Long-HairWedding-Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair-BridesWedding-Hairstyles-for-Long-HairWedding-Hairstyles-Bridesbeautiful  woman with stylish curly  hairstyleLong-Hair-Wedding-HairstyleLong-Hairstyle-Wedding